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This website contains all data for the Alumni Website prior to 1 April 2014.

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As the past webmaster for the World Alumni website Your Daly Bread, it has been my sincere pleasure being able to do just a small part to continue the legacy of this website from the master of World Airways "brothers," Mr. Dick Kalman.  I will never forget "Perfection - Not Correction" from my early days in training back in 1981 at the Oakland training center.  Time has past us by at what seems Mach 1 and with World's demise back in March of 2014 all we have left is memories and good friends. 

Although I spent only 1 1/2 years as the webmaster for the Alumni site, family health issues have been taking more and more of my time and thus it was imperative that I relinquish the job as your webmaster.  Unable to put in the long hours required to effectively manage your sacred site, Captain Larry Jordan has stepped in to become your webmaster.  Thus far Larry is doing a great job keeping everyone informed and posting new material on the new site.  I am taking a very minor role in that we had to make sure that two people had control of this site so as to ensure it continues running smoothly into the future.  I want to thank everyone for the great support and I hope you continue to support this site and send more ex-World employees here to find us, reconnect, and enjoy the wealth of material and photos that are the hallmark of this site.  Thank you Dick and Larry for your help and support.  I wish everyone well and look forward to seeing you at a luncheon or reunion real soon.

                                                                                               Tom Wick


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 Edward J. Daly, President & CEO World Airways 1950-1984

Ed Daly

 Edward J. Daly, a man with a 34 year dream for World Airways that has continued for 65 years.


It was Mr. Daly's vision that every employee and company executive today be compelled by "pride in company" to follow his dream and execute with integrity and and a sense of compassion his vision for a prosperous World Airways. Today, that means that all of us current employees must be "team members" and work diligently to carry on this legacy that began in 1948. By working to ensure the companies stated core values of: Integrity, Respect, Collaboration, and Service are maintained, then there is a good reason to believe that through the mutual cooperation of all employees and senior management ~ World Airways can and will survive another 65 years to preserve the legacy of Mr Daly's vision for this great company.